Astronomers say that the largest known star in the universe is struggling and will eventually explode.
Using telescopes at the European Southern Observatory in Chile, astronomers said on Wednesday that they have found clues in a star called W26. Located about 16,000 light years away, the Ara constellation has a star 3,000 times the diameter of the Sun.
W26, first observed in 1998, is a "red giant", a long-term growing star because it is short-lived. Such stars usually have lifetimes of less than a few million years and eventually they use up their own nuclear fuel until they explode. W26 became unstable, and its outer detachment was a critical step in the death process, according to a notice published in the Royal Astronomical Society of the United Kingdom. W26 is the largest household star in the universe. Observations indicate that W26 is about to end its life and eventually a supernova explosion.
W26 is surrounded by hot hydrogen gas clouds, nebulae, and their atoms are stripped of their electrons. A similar new star discovered near the cloud became a remnant of a supernova in 1987. The presence of nebulae, high stellar luminosity and spectral changes suggest that W26 is a highly evolved red super giant that encounters extreme levels of mass loss, the white paper said. The W26 is home to hundreds of thousands of stars and is located in West Lussu. It is in our Milky Way galaxy and is also the galaxy's largest stellar group. Observing Westerland may be a problem because light from it is affected by the gas and dust clouds. However, the ionized gas around the W26 is known for boosting and should be easier to monitor what happens next.
When the red supergiant reveals its outer layer, it is so enriched by the nuclear reactions inside the star. The thing that is spit out contains many elements, such as magnesium and silicon, which are necessary materials for forming a rocky planet like Earth. How this material exits and how this will affect the evolution of stars is still a mystery, the Royal Astronomical Society of Britain said.

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