From August 31 to September 12, the 12th National Games launched an exciting event in Liaoning Province. Outside the stadium, the Yellow Sea Ruifu commercial vehicle equipped with the Cummins F2.8 Turbo engine also serves the full-service National Games. This high-quality light passenger product has been favored by the National Games for the delivery of National Games officials, athletes, referees and materials. In addition, there are a number of specially modified Ruituo vehicles put into the relevant security work. According to statistics, there are more than 110 Ruitu commercial vehicles participating in this National Games service.

Huanghai Ruitu is the first multi-functional commercial vehicle equipped with the Cummins F2.8 Turbo engine in China. The car also brings the best performance of the Cummins F2.8 Turbo engine to its performance in terms of power, fuel economy, stability, and other aspects. Outstanding performance. Only six months after its launch, the car was selected to participate in the service of the National Games, which is a great recognition of its excellent quality and excellent performance.

"The Cummins F2.8 Turbo engine is a light diesel engine specially designed for passenger vehicles. It was derived from the successful technology of Cummins ISF series engines. After a long running test, it achieved a perfect match on Huanghai Ruitu," Cummins China Ma Wei, Director of Sales and Marketing of Light Commercial Vehicles, said, “We are honored to provide support for the National Games. We have also sent a professional service team to ensure the normal operation of all equipment and make every effort to ensure the success of the National Games. ”

As Cummins' light flagship power product in the passenger car market, the Cummins F2.8 Turbo engine was developed by a global team and Cummins global supply systems are used for all components. Power range 80-120 kilowatts, peak torque up to 360 cattle? Meters, is the most powerful engine in the same level, the lightest weight, the smallest volume of the engine to meet the European 3, European 4 environmental standards, can easily upgrade the Euro 5 emissions. In addition, this engine has excellent reliability and durability, after more than 1.6 million kilometers of road and durability test, the average overhaul mileage of more than 500,000 kilometers, maintenance cycle of up to 20,000 kilometers, is the same product 4-5 Times.

In terms of driving comfort (NVH), the Cummins F2.8 Turbo engine also has unique advantages over other engines in its class, keeping noise and vibration at a minimum. It is worth mentioning that Cummins specializes in the characteristics of passenger vehicles and integrates such engines as intake air heating, diagnostic switches, electronic fan control, air-conditioning control, adaptive cruise, EBP smart people energy saving, engine protection and speed management, etc. Advanced intelligent electronic control technology. Coupled with the inherent fuel-efficient, safe and durable features of the Cummins ISF series engine, the F2.8 Turbo engine strives to provide passengers with the most comfortable driving experience.

The cooperation between Cummins and Huang Hai has been more than 10 years old. The two sides have accumulated valuable experience in the long-term friendly cooperation. At the same time, the common concept of technological innovation, product upgrades and market expansion contributed to the successful listing of Ruituo Commercial Vehicles. In addition to this National Games, Cummins engines are also used in other models of Yellow Sea vehicles such as buses and school buses. During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Yellow Sea buses equipped with Cummins engines became a major highlight of Beijing buses.

Cummins has been involved in the support and protection of large-scale events. In addition to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, passenger cars equipped with Cummins engines during the 2012 London Olympic Games have achieved stable and reliable performance with low-noise, low-emission Cummins backup power systems. The user's praise. Cummins has long been committed to provide safe and environmentally-friendly power output for society and participate in supporting large-scale events. It is also one of the vision goals of “Building a Better Life with Cummins Power.”

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