Volvo Construction Equipment Introduces New G900 Series Self-propelled Grader in Asia A new breakthrough in power performance, efficiency, maintainability and operator comfort

The new Volvo G900 series of self-propelled graders are designed to be more efficient than all performance factors in terms of productivity, ease of operation, reliability and ease of maintenance. The self-propelled graders are built on two distinct integrated platforms and consist of seven models, including two all-wheel drive machines. These models are G930 (15,560 kg), G940 (15,970 kg), G946 (16,645 kg), G960 (16,690 kg), G970 (17,700 kg), G976 (18,370 kg) and G990 (21,000 kg). The first four models are powered by a 7.2-litre D7 Volvo engine, while the larger G970, G976 and G990 are equipped with a 9.4-litre D9 engine. Volvo engines are known for their low speed and high torque and provide fast response and fuel economy under all operating conditions.

Pour more care and create lasting value

The Volvo G900 series of self-propelled graders are designed and developed in close cooperation with customers in major markets around the world, and have undergone rigorous testing using industry-leading production methods.

Each G900 motor grader is equipped with a Volvo engine that complies with EU Stage IIIA, US Tier 3 and EU noise standards. This engine uses Volvo Advanced Combustion Technology (V-ACT) and is non-polluting, eliminating the need for additional equipment. Maintenance does not require reprocessing of the exhaust gases. All seven models of self-propelled graders are equipped with three standard powers to match engine power for optimum application performance and fuel efficiency.

The Volvo G900 series of motor graders are equipped with wide shovel lift cylinders and small angle side shift cylinders, making them the most stable flat platform in the industry. The Proportional Demand Flow (PDF) intelligent closed center load sensing hydraulic system and a powerful dual gear disc rotation system provide the most powerful power to ensure smooth control or turn the bulldozer at full load. This feature reduces costs while greatly increasing productivity and a “one-time” completion rate.

More power, greater driving force

The full-power shifting HTE840 and the optional HTE1160 gearbox, the industry's first 11-speed motor grade drive chain, are designed to seamlessly transform engine power into usable traction and control. Manual mode, alternate automatic shift mode and travel mode provide the best performance and fuel economy. The standard configuration of the shuttle shifter ensures smooth switching between forward and reverse gears without the need for a fine-tuning pedal, which greatly reduces operator fatigue.

Automatic shifting is standard for Volvo's exclusive HTE1160 gearbox. With 11 forward gears and 6 reverse gears, this optional HTE1160 gearbox provides better control at low speeds and higher efficiency at high speeds. Achieve greater accuracy at normal operating speeds. This way: the overall fuel efficiency of the engine can be operated at the most economical speed.

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