Recently, FAW Xichai made targeted upgrades to its Conway 4102 Engineering and Conway 490 products based on the special needs of the Southwest China (Cloud, Guizhou, Sichuan, Chongqing, and Guangxi), and plans to open a Chengdu program in early September. Introduce these two upgrade products. According to FAW Wuxi Diesel relevant staff, both about to meet with the user Conway upgrade, FAW Wuxi Diesel combines the essence of science and technology innovation, are the most vivid interpretation of Conway FAW Wuxi Diesel brand.

Conway is the light engine brand of FAW Wuxi and one of its three major product brands. Its series of products is the basic product of FAW Xichai. It is a concrete embodiment of the core value of FAW Xichai brand. Since its listing, it has been economically practical. The characteristics of reliable and durable are favored by the market. Its characteristics of cost-effective, stable and solid, economical and fuel-efficient, and strong power have been praised by users.

Product: Upgrading to Southwest

FAW Xichai has a certain foundation in the Southwest China market. Its Aowei, Conway, and Hengwei brand series have been launched in the southwestern market with dazzling performance. According to statistics, in the first half of 2013, the sales volume of FAW Xicai in the five southwestern provinces reached 12,087 units. Due to its significant market position in the southwest, FAW Xichai has attached great importance to it. In terms of strategy and policy, it has traditionally considered the southwestern market as an important consideration area and has issued a package plan for the southwestern market every year.

FAW Xichai has built a complete marketing service network in five provinces in the southwest. It has five overseas business entities, five central parts warehouses, 249 service stations, and nearly 40 permanent employees, providing quick and easy access for customers. Pre-sale and after-sale protection. In addition to the construction of marketing and service networks, FAW Xichai insisted on in-depth investigation of user needs, listened to users' opinions, and invested a lot of manpower, material resources, and financial resources according to the users' opinions and suggestions. It tailored to the southwest market and developed correspondingly. The Xichai power that meets the needs of the southwest market.

The two engines of FAW XiChai Conway 4102 Project Upgraded Product and 490 Upgrade Product to be promoted in Chengdu are the boutique powers tailored to the Southwest users after fully considering the particularity of the Southwestern market. The high pressure in the southwest region, the rugged roads, and the exceptional geographical factors such as extreme cold and heat coexist, and it poses no small challenge to the vehicle's power. According to Xichai relevant personnel, the upgraded FAW XiChai Conway 4102 Engineering Edition product and 490 product are more powerful, which means that it is more able to adapt to the rugged road conditions in the Southwest, with a more powerful climbing ability; at the same time, the upgraded FAW XiChai Conway 4102 Engineering Product and 490 Product Increased Compression Ratio, Adopted Special Engineering Version of Oil Pump and Governor, Improved Crankshaft Front Structure and Pulley Structure, Adopted World Leading Preheating Technology in Tank, Adopted CAE Analysis and Calculation Method Optimization The engine body of the engineering diesel engine is more in line with the technical requirements of engineering power. It is a tailor-made power product for the southwest region; in addition, the improved two products will be more fuel-efficient and economical with the latest fuel-saving technologies.

Service: Innovation for Southwest

Based on the core concept of "superb," ​​"lean," and "sincerity," Xichai has "seed core services." To adapt to the Southwest market, it also introduced a series of innovative measures. According to relevant personnel from Xichai, FAW Xichai will hold a conference in southwestern market of Conway products in Chengdu at the beginning of September, in addition to recommending the upgraded power products of Conway 4102 Engineering Edition and 490 upgrade products to be tailor-made for the southwest region. It will also propose new service measures in response to the particularities of the Southwest region.

One of the highlights of the new service initiative is the implementation of service station accessories. In order to complete the service station spare parts reserve and improve the timeliness, FAW Xichai implemented 31 service station accessories in the southwestern region (Yun, Gui, Chuan, Chongqing, and Guangxi) from January to July 2013, which cost a total of 1.35 million yuan. . According to reports, FAW Xichai will continue to add service station accessories according to product launch and service requirements. At the same time, FAW Xichai continued to promote the establishment of secondary outlets. In order to improve the distribution network of accessories in the Southwest China, FAW Xiceq first established a secondary outlet for accessories in areas with high frequency of service adjustments. According to reports, it was held in April 2013 in Langzhong, Sichuan. , Meizhou, Zunyi, Guizhou, Liupanshui, Dali, Yunnan, and Yuxi established six secondary outlets to fill the gaps in the outlets. Starting in July, it began to plan to establish three first-tier outlets, using its intensive downstream secondary outlets, to improve the Xichai spare parts network, and to increase the convenience of users purchasing Xichai accessories. In addition, in June 2013, FAW Xichai formulated the “Special Plan for Enhancing the Competence of South China Regional Accessory Network” to conduct a special analysis on the capabilities of the parts and accessories network in the southwest region, from the three aspects of the service station reserve, the distribution of the second network, and the accuracy of spare parts reserve. Develop improvement measures and implement them.

Another aspect of the new initiative is the improvement and upgrading of the service training system. The first is to increase support for training. FAW Xichai established a training team in Southwest China to provide full-time training for service stations in the southwest region, focusing on developing practical engine operation trainings at Xichai's self-built service stations, Xichai's networked service stations, and dealers, in order to improve the service network's comprehensive service skills. The second is to strengthen the support of service technology. According to reports, FAW Xichai has a team of more than 100 technicians with excellent service skills and strong service capabilities. The FAW Xichai service technology team can carry out remote technical support and on-site support at the service station at any time. The last step is to strengthen the support of service tools. According to reports, FAW Xichai will provide (sales) special tools for different platform products and services to service stations to improve service station maintenance efficiency and accuracy.

Upgrading technology and innovating in services, FAW Xichai's combination of hard and soft combos not only highlights the company's strong technical and system capabilities, but also highlights its extraordinary operating wisdom. The “Conway Products Southwest Market Promotion Conference” to be held in early September is also full of expectations.

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