World-renowned preparative liquid chromatography and automated liquid handling system manufacturer --- Switzerland Labomatic instrument company introduced the latest innovations, LABOMATIC HD-5000 for preparative HPLC latest generation of controller with built-in system of three plungers gradient pump .
LABOMATIC latest generation preparative HPLC gradient pump
LABOMATIC HD-5000 is a further innovative product based on the LABOMATIC HD-3000 HPLC pump. Like its predecessor model, the HD-5000 includes a system controller and a pump body for pulse-free fluid delivery. And, as current users know, this new system design ensures extremely rugged, low-maintenance requirements as well as the high degree of flexibility and complete functionality necessary to meet the requirements of any preparative HPLC.
Important Features NEW: Flow rate range 2-4920ml / min
NEW: Can control more than 12 pumps
NEW: Can control more than 20 stationary valves or pulse valves
NEW: Six different pump heads are available and can be combined with each other
NEW: Normal flow mode or constant pressure mode
NEW: Programmable flow gradient
NEW: Active Low Pressure Gradient Mixing System
NEW: 7 "color touch screen and intuitive menu
NEW: USB / LAN port
Injection precision up to μL
Maximum pressure up to 600 bar (8700 psi)
Three-piston system with primary piston and secondary piston
Post-plunger cleaning ensures the use of a buffer-containing eluent
Method to edit and control the entire HPLC system
Binary, ternary and quaternary high-pressure or low-pressure gradient elution Special pump designs are designed to withstand pressures up to 600 bar (8700 psi):
Special pump designs to meet low or high pressure HPLC gradients, up to 600 bar (8700 psi) on request,
Flow rate range 2-4920 ml / min:
The LABOMATIC HD-5000 achieves a maximum flow rate of 4920 ml / min thanks to the parallel multi-pump unit design. There are 6 different flow pump head to choose from. Different pump heads can be combined with each other.
No need to manually pre-mix:
If the LABOMATIC SP-3000 module is integrated into an HPLC system, the injection schedule can be controlled to a μL range such as DEA or TFA. No manual preparation of pre-mixed liquid.
Conventional flow mode or constant pressure mode:
In addition to the regular flow control modes, the HD-5000 can operate in constant voltage mode. In constant pressure mode, the system maintains the pre-set operating pressure throughout the run and constantly regulates flow. This property is very useful for packing columns, glass columns or for balance. Due to the flow and pressure mode can be automatically switched, such as loading, this change between flow and constant pressure mode is very useful.
Active Low Pressure Gradient Mixing System:
See LABOMATIC HD-5000 Low Pressure Gradient Module Programmable Flow Gradient:
Flow and pressure gradients can be set and saved in the method. Flow gradients can be used in both high and low pressure gradient programs, although the requirements for low pressure gradients are particularly harsh. Flow gradients fit, for example, the best loading process.
Very easy to operate and control:
The new larger touch screen, as well as the new intuitive menu design to make the operation more convenient. All methods can be programmed and stored in the controller. More innovative is that several methods can be run sequentially. Of course, you can also control the HD-5000 with a computer using LABOCHROM5 software. Like all 5000 Series LABOMATIC devices, the HD-5000 is also equipped with USB and LAN ports.
LABOMATIC HD-5000 Low Pressure Gradient Module Unique active low pressure gradient mixing mode
The new unique hybrid mode is specifically designed to significantly reduce the release of liquid gases. Special valve according to the gradient curve and flow control. The low pressure gradient can be set to a wider range from 98% instead of the conventional 5% to 95%
Key Features Low pressure gradients can be set to a wider range from 98%
Direct connection to the active mixing system at the pump head reduces the release of gas in the liquid
Unique valve can be automatically controlled according to gradient curve and flow

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