For users who have just purchased Dongfeng Tanker , maintenance is the key. Here we have Dongfeng tanker manufacturers to discuss with the driver's friends about maintenance and maintenance:

1. Dongfeng Tanker Maintenance

When the Dongfeng Tanker is used for a long time, many oil and other impurities will be deposited in the tank. It is necessary to open the drain valve regularly to release the oil, so as not to corrode the tank and block the pipeline, which will affect the service life of the pump and the valve. If necessary, remove the longitudinal wave shield for thorough cleaning. Avoid collisions in use.

2. Leakage of Dongfeng Tanker

The related leakage has the problem of product quality, but also the reason for its use. When a tanker truck is driving on a low-grade road, violent jolts cause impact loads near the tank support where the tank is connected to the chassis of the vehicle, and the impact of the oil in the tank on the tank during sharp turning or sudden braking. Causes greater stress between the tank and the tank support. For long-term use, fatigue cracking may occur at the stress concentration point.

3. Welding repair of Dongfeng Tanker

When the Dongfeng Tanker produces leakage and oil leakage, it must not use electricity or gas welding for repair welding without cleaning or cleaning.

First of all, to eliminate the residual oil in related pipes, pipelines and pumps, inject warm water containing detergents or washing powder into the tank, and start the Dongfeng tanker on a bumpy road for several kilometers, then drain the cleaning fluid and use compression. Air or steam is blown clean. Open all valves and access covers to allow them to be parked in a well-ventilated location for more than 24 hours to ensure that there is no oil or gas in the tank before welding.

After confirming the leak, use an angle grinder to clear the leak, and be sure to clear the end point of both ends of the crack to ensure the removal of micro cracks and prevent cracks from extending.

The Dongfeng Tanker's tank is generally made of 3 to 5 mm thick plain carbon steel. Available DC power supply reverse polarity, the current is about 90A, use 3.2mm, E4315 electrode welding. After welding, the outer surface of the weld is polished and smoothed. Then a common carbon steel plate with a thickness of 3 mm slightly larger than the repair welding area is welded to the repair welding area. And remove welding slag.

After the welding is completed, a 0.03 MPa pressure test (if no gas source can be used for atmospheric pressure water test) is required, and after 5 minutes, there must be no leakage.

After the air pressure test is qualified, the tank can be painted and the relevant accessories can be loaded to carry out the running test of the shipping oil to confirm that there is no leakage.

The customers of Dongfeng Oil Tanker can remember how these Dongfeng Oil Tankers repaired and maintained the oil tanks.

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