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The chassis has Dongfeng , JAC , Qingling , Iveco, Liberation , Ao Ling , etc., with a wide range of options. The flat length is 5.55~5.8 meters, and the inner width is 2.22 meters. The platform area is the largest among the similar products in the 3-ton class, the platform carrying capacity is up to 3 tons, the lifting capacity is up to 2.2 tons, and the lifting ability is both in the structure type and performance. Stronger.

There are few varieties, narrow selection range, and small loading and lifting capacity.

Folding plate mechanism

Folding plate mechanism is our company to introduce advanced and mature product technology and production technology from home and abroad. Through repeated use and verification of the users, the performance is stable and has strong reliability. It is more suitable for vehicles with low front suspension.

General structural design, no mold making, rough structure.

Swing arm type flat mechanism

The forthcoming development of swing arm type full-surface flat plate mechanism is the most advanced flat type product in the country at present, and is particularly suitable for loading ultra-low front suspension vehicles, especially high-end cars.

Only Yuehai company has been developed.

Special design structure and process

The flat surface adopts the modular combination of die stamping ribs, light weight, high strength, good anti-slip performance and easy maintenance. In the area of ​​the loaded tire roller surface, non-slip granular material is sprayed, which is beautiful and practical, and the coefficient of friction is increased. The frictional adhesion force is increased by 2 to 3 times compared with the ordinary flat plate. The lamp holder adopts the die stamping, light weight, high strength, beautiful appearance and generous appearance.

General structural design, no mold making, rough structure.

Operating mechanism

Designed with two-hand lever type operation device and optional acceleration accelerator control system, it can meet customer's various requirements.

The operation configuration is monotonous and there is no optionality.

Trouble-free attachment

It is equipped with a variety of applicable accessories, and can also be equipped with other troubleshooting tools to fully meet the user's actual operation requirements.

Attachment configuration is monotonous, no optional.

Other subsidiary


According to the user's requirements, the installation of other structural facilities, such as side-gate fences or full-coverage fences, can be designed within a reasonable range of reasonableness (protection of loaded vehicles is not impaired by other techniques such as tree techniques during transit).

Only Yuehai company has been developed.

Metal structure

1. The support arm is made of high-strength steel plate, so it is lighter and has higher strength

2. The loading plate adopts a folding type to reduce the loading inclination of the climbing slope, which facilitates the loading of the obstacle and avoids the damage to the front part of the loaded vehicle.

3. Adopting the latest design and manufacturing process of the stamping structure loading platform surface, which not only reduces the weight of the entire vehicle, but also increases the lifting and loading capacity, and also increases the anti-slip function of the platform loading surface, that is, beautiful and practical.

Most of the wrecker manufacturers in China are made of ordinary steel plates. The use of folding flat plates is not a lot, and there is no latest design structure for flat loading surfaces.

Design and Manufacturing Process

1. Chu Sheng Company adopts the latest technology of foreign wreckers , complete computer graphic design, three-dimensional modeling, production and management processes, which can guarantee the quality of the design process quickly and accurately, improve the manufacturing efficiency of new products, and shorten the production cycle. The corresponding reduction in product costs.

2. Specialized car manufacturers, emerging representatives of the wrecker industry.

3. Process production, all plates are used underwater plasma CNC cutting machine, CNC wire cutting machine, profiling gas cutting, rail gas cutting, CNC cutting machine cutting, high production accuracy;

4. Our company owns series of tonnage hydraulic presses such as 500 and 160 and presses, numerical control double-bending presses and cold-bending press-forming presses, which can satisfy the bending forming of all arm sheets and accurately ensure the inside and outside arm bodies. With the gap. And all use of carbon dioxide welding, welding length greater than 500mm all use automatic welding, which not only weld small, beautiful appearance, but the stress is small, high strength.

5. The special beveling machine pre-backward beveling process before welding increases the weld penetration of the weld and improves the overall strength of the weldment.

6. All components are used in the welding of fixtures, fixtures to ensure the accuracy of production.

7. All components are tested by ultrasonic welding after welding, which has high safety.

No special wrecker production unit is just one of various types of products, which does not have the full set of production equipment, and cannot guarantee the production process and quality of its metal structural parts.

Hydraulic pressure


1. The main elements of the hydraulic system for clearing obstacles adopt international famous brands and provide effective and reliable guarantee for the whole process of clearing the obstacles.

2. The hydraulic components and the hydraulic system are inspected before the purchase and the finished product are put into the warehouse. The hydraulic system adopts double filtration of the inlet and outlet oils to fully ensure that the hydraulic components and the hydraulic system of the vehicle meet the performance requirements of the national calibration.

3. The selected balance valve is a plate structure. It is directly mounted on the cylinder. Even if the external oil circuit connected to it fails, all agencies can maintain their original status without any influence. At the same time, this valve also has an overload protection function. When the set pressure is exceeded, the unloading can be overflowed in time to ensure the safety of the entire system; the unloading speed can be arbitrarily adjusted to achieve smooth unloading and no impact.

Most of the wrecker manufacturers in China do not have the production equipment at all. They cannot guarantee the cleanliness of their hydraulic systems and directly affect the quality.

The balance valves selected by other wrecker manufacturers in China are mostly tubular connections. Once the external oil circuit connected to it is in failure (the tubing suddenly breaks, cuts off, and the joints loosen, etc.), the corresponding mechanism will fail immediately. Open, etc.) The stable state of the connection between the wrecker and the faulty car was instantaneously broken and disengaged, resulting in a major accident.


1. All panels are primed when they are put into storage. Metal structural parts are phosphatized before assembly. The resistance to salt spray is more than 800 hours and the rust resistance is extremely strong.

2. The body color can be sprayed according to customer requirements, and the appearance is more personalized.

Some manufacturers through the Association for processing, it is difficult to meet the user's personalized demand for products and timely efficiency.

Vehicle and inspection

1. The entire vehicle's products undergo strict inspections such as blanking, bending, welding, assembly, rig testing, assembly, commissioning, and total inspection, which fully guarantees the quality requirements and allows customers to use it with confidence.

2. According to the requirements of the " Wrecker's Standard", the number of reliability tests of the new product at the time of the prototype test is set to 500, and to the company's standard, the number of trials is 2,000, far higher than the " Wrecker ". "Standard requirements, so as to further ensure the performance requirements of the vehicle.

3. The company is now developing and producing the wrecker as its leading product. The government also fully supports it and will provide a solid backing for the wagon 's rapid development.

The other domestic wrecker manufacturers do not have this process and testing equipment at all, and the wrecker is only an incidental product and cannot really meet its performance requirements and quality assurance.

Use and after sales

The introduction of domestic and foreign advanced absorption of mature product technology, production technology, through the repeated use of the majority of users to verify the performance, stability, with strong reliability, while XGMA's strong after-sales service network, is the wrecker car after-sales service a solid backing.

The production history of other manufacturers' wreckers is not long, the technology is not mature, the production experience is lacking, and the categories are not complete. There is no perfect after-sales service system.

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