The normal operation of the sprinkler air filter. Premature engine wear (abnormality) and optimal working conditions can be avoided.

Preventative maintenance of sprinkler air filters is not an exaggeration. Before the intake air is mixed with the fuel, the function of the air filter is to filter out the airborne dust, carbon, part of the water vapor and other debris, and ensure the clean air enters the cylinder. Theoretically, about 10,000 units of clean air are needed for every unit volume of fuel burned. Normally, the manufacturer recommends that the replacement period of the normal maintenance of the air filter is 48,000 km, and a routine inspection is performed every 24,000 km; the recommended replacement period for conservative maintenance is 24,000 km.

The atmosphere contains three basic particle pollutants of different densities, namely dust, residues and carbon particles. Sprinklers are on the open highway and have a lower dust content than rural and construction areas. In areas with large dust concentrations, such as construction sites and sand areas, the frequency of inspection and replacement of air filters is higher. In areas with freeways and heavy traffic, the concentration of carbon in the air is significantly higher because of the concentration of automotive emissions. For the filter inspection, it should be a close look inside the folds. Sometimes the exterior of the sprinkler filter looks clean, but its interior is very dirty and must be replaced immediately.

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