Food Detector Helps Improve Food Safety The latest news on food safety is endless. No matter what kind of news you receive, there are reports on this. Have you thought about why? It is definitely not what people like about this type of news. It is about the vital interests of everyone. The poisonous rice that was recently exploded and the poisonous ginger are all foods that we need to contact in our lives. After a wave of perseverance, when we see the moment facing the table, we will ask ourselves what people can trust. Who cares for the food safety on the table? AyiNet thinks that from production to transportation and processing to the table, it takes a lot of checkpoints, layers of testing, and can pass, this kind of trickery makes consumers The rights and interests of the people were damaged. The moment of the last eruption, the original defaulter, must be severely punished.

The root of the poisoned rice lies in the soil. This comes from the pollution of the surrounding environment. The company is not responsible for the chaos. On the one hand, it shows that enterprises ignore the law. On the other hand, it also does not knock a warning on the inaction of the relevant regulatory authorities. Nowadays, various testing equipments are constantly being researched and developed, and the hard condition equipments are available. The supervision of food safety is now lacking, and the legal awareness of producers is weak. As a producer, you do not check your own food safety and quality inspection equipment. Let the unqualified flow into the market and still be on people's health food, how to make your interests bear the bill.

As food safety becomes more and more serious, AyiNet believes that it needs the cooperation of hard condition testing equipment, as well as the constraints of policies and regulations. It also requires food regulatory authorities in various regions to do a good job of supervision. Your strict control is food safety. The important guarantees that flow to the market, as well as the consumers of each of our food products, must also actively cooperate with each other. We must actively report unsatisfactory foods that we meet in our lives. I hope that in the joint efforts of all parties, with the help of food detectors, we can rest assured that we can eat at the table.

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