[China Agricultural Machinery Industry News] In order to ensure the normal growth of crops, to obtain high yield and stable yield, it is necessary to supply sufficient water to the crops. Under natural conditions, it is often impossible to meet the water requirements of crops due to insufficient precipitation or uneven distribution. Therefore, irrigation must be done artificially to compensate for the lack of natural rainfall. Irrigation technology is also a must for agricultural craftsmen.

“Water-saving Irrigation Lecture Hall” was held in Jiangsu to raise awareness of farmers' water saving
Recently, the 3rd China Agricultural Robot Contest “Water Saving Irrigation Lecture Hall” was held in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province. Experts from the National Agricultural Technology Center, the Agricultural Machinery Extension Station of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Jiangsu Agricultural Machinery Bureau, the National Pump and System Engineering Technology Research Center of Jiangsu University, and representatives of new professional farmers from all over the country participated in the training.
The theme of this water-saving irrigation lecture hall is “the core competitiveness of specialization”. The purpose is to improve the comprehensive strength of the agricultural machinery professional by training the agricultural technicians in irrigation technical skills, and to cultivate a group of professional, high-quality new occupations. Farmers have made it a pioneer in water-saving irrigation operations and complemented the short-board mechanization of agricultural production.
At the meeting, the Organizing Committee of the China Agricultural Machinery Contest announced the introduction of Jiangsu Huayuan as a strategic partner, which became the designated provider of irrigation equipment for the China Agricultural Machinery Contest and a strategic partner of the Huinong Service Platform. The organizing committee of the competition also launched the “2016 China Agricultural Water-saving Graffiti Competition” to launch a collection of water-saving irrigation graffiti works nationwide, aiming to raise farmers' awareness of water-saving and guide the whole people to pay attention to agricultural water use.
(Original title: The 3rd China Agricultural Robot Contest "Water Saving Irrigation Lecture Hall" was held)

Self-Aligning Idlers are used to assist with belts that are used to prevent the belt from off-track running.  Self-Aligning Idlers pivot and attempt to guide the belt back into the center of the troughing Idlers . Self-Aligning Idlers can be troughing, return or flat carrying .

 Iron Cage Self-aligning Ball Bearing

Self Aligning Idlers  are placed onto the frame in bearings permitting their rotation and are equipped with control rollers on both sides. With tracking-off of the belt, the rollers swivel the complete set of conveyor rollers and put it to a camber position. This effect is additionally supported by the above-mentioned control rollers as they brake a conveyor roller with the help of a connecting rod.

Iron Cage Self-aligning Ball Bearing

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6200 Series - Light Series Ball Bearings â€“ Balanced between space and load capacity

6300 Series - Medium Series Ball Bearings â€“ Ideal for heavier load capacity applications

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