For general car buyers, the 4S shop is the main channel for buying cars. Here you can learn more about the details of the car, and you can also enjoy certain services. But sometimes buying a car in a 4S shop does not completely reassure us because the price here is higher and sometimes we are easily fooled by savvy merchants. In order to help everyone clearly understand the purchase of the favorite vehicle in the 4S shop, suggest that you should pay attention to the following issues in the 4S shop to buy a car.


First, don't be fooled by the rhetoric of salespeople. When we buy a car at the 4S store, we must not be able to perform very eagerly. This will make it easier for the 4S stores to sell more opportunities. They may use aggressive strategies or exaggerate words that the vehicles will soon be sold out. Let us quickly place orders. In fact, these are all With some of the usual techniques, we must be calm when we buy a car and slowly squeeze out the water. Most of the staff in the 4S store are professionally trained. In the face of customers, they have their own set of “seamless” rhetoric. If it is a novice buyer, I’m afraid it’s very difficult to parry, so we’re a three-inch tongue for salespeople. Must have a certain resilience. Before you buy a car, you must have a certain understanding of the vehicle. Don't just listen to the sales person's introduction.

Second, we must look more at the selected vehicles. We should consult more when purchasing a car and ask questions of various details so that we can be more confident. For example, what car repair service is provided by the 4S shop and how the charging situation is, which maintenance items of the 4S shop are free for the car in the initial period, and whether the car insurance can be purchased in the 4S shop, and if so, what discounts are available. These issues are related to our immediate interests, so we should consult as clearly as possible in detail. After doing detailed consultation work, we are placing orders, otherwise the initiative to purchase a car will be occupied by sales personnel.

Third, a detailed inspection of the vehicle should be conducted when purchasing a car. Whether you are a novice buyer or have a certain understanding of the vehicle, you must carefully inspect the vehicle at the time of purchase. From the appearance, the interior accessories, all the visible parts of the vehicle's engine, brakes, and tires are inspected. In the absence of a test drive, it is difficult to judge the performance of the vehicle. However, by looking at the vehicle, we can see whether the vehicle has been treated and whether the vehicle has worn marks. Through meticulous inspections to ensure that we buy the car is a good new car.

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