Due to the tightness of sealed garbage trucks, convenient loading and unloading of garbage, and high safety performance, it has become a new type of garbage vehicle that has been widely used in the process of transporting clean garbage in cities. When buying sealed garbage trucks, many people want to know the price of sealed garbage trucks. The price of a sealed garbage truck must be known clearly. The following Xiaobian made detailed description of the related prices of sealed garbage trucks . The introduction.


Sealed garbage truck price price: A 58,000 yuan, 185,000 yuan, 150,000 yuan, 120,000 yuan, 160,000 yuan and so on.

Sealed garbage truck manufacturer

1. Hubei Hengyu Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. Hengyu mainly researches, develops, manufactures and manufactures all kinds of special vehicles. It is deeply loved by domestic consumers by virtue of the principle of good faith management. The products produced by Hengyu include sanitation garbage trucks, refrigerated trucks, mobile stage vehicles, sealed garbage trucks, aerial working vehicles, high pressure cleaning trucks, wreckers, fire engines, sprinklers, LED advertising vehicles, sewage suction trucks, and cement Mixer trucks, tank trucks, suction trucks, truck cranes, refuellers, riot vehicles, flatbed trucks, sale vehicles, etc.

2. Yongkang Longli Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. Longli mainly builds equipment needed for various environmental sanitation, introduces advanced sanitation equipment assembly lines and related technologies, continuously improves product characteristics, and makes Longli's products more popular in the market. Products include glass-steel ads type trash cans, sealed garbage trucks, garbage trucks, glass steel trash cans, environmentally friendly trash cans, glass fiber reinforced plastic trash cans, leisure chairs, fiberglass flower pots, perforated trash cans.

3. Yucheng County Zhongjie Sanitation Equipment Co., Ltd. Zhongjie has many years of experience in the production of environmental sanitation equipment, and has the ability to independently research and develop and manufacture special vehicles. Its main products include three-wheel cleaning vehicles, jib trucks, sealed garbage trucks, garbage trucks, aerial vehicles, and sweeps. Road machines, mobile bins, various cubic bins, etc.

What is the price of sealed garbage trucks ? Understand the price of sealed garbage trucks, and know that its price will be much more expensive than ordinary garbage trucks. This is mainly because sealed garbage trucks have more functions than ordinary garbage trucks.

Brief Introduction & Working Principle --Centrifugal Sifter
The screen holder is placed inside the machine. Bulk materials mixed with airflow and atomization pass the Screw Conveyor device, enter the screen holder. The undersize materials are sprayed through the screen cloth and discharged from the outlet under the action of centrifugal force and the cyclone propelling power, which caused by the blade inside the net tube. The oversize material, which can not cross the screen cloth, is discharged from the rough material outlet along the inside surface of the tube.
Cantilevered design and twin screen holder design are available.
*Very smart but large capacity for light materials(such as starch,flour,lime powder,etc.)
*Mesh size should not be higher than 325 mesh
*No oversize end bearings or seals Hinged oversize end door. 
*Easy to remove screen and screen retainer Hygienic design sifting screen. 
*The sifter can be stripped down for cleaning without the need for specialist assistance.
*Full sealing makes this machine dust proof.
*No transmitted vibration.
*Easy to inspect and/or clean No tools required for screen, paddle and screw removal. 

*Sanitary design and fast disassembly without tools

Warranty & after sales service
Our machines have an automatic 12 months guarantee against faulty material and workmanship valid from the date of dispatch in China or date of arrival at foreign border.
If any problem of the machine under instruction within one year,we are responsible for replacement incuding delivery fee and maintenance.
Lifelong service is offered with cost charge after one year. 

Air Flow Sifter

Air Flow Sifter

Air Flow Sifter,Air Flow Screening Machine,Air Jet Sieve,Air Jet Sieving Machine

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