The true high-definition hard disk video recorder refers to a high-definition input interface with physical structures such as HDMI, DVI, SDI, VGA, color difference, and S-Video, and also supports 1080P high resolution parameter input and recording of hard disk video recorders. With the rapid development of high-definition video recording technology, especially the increasing demands of market users for high-definition video recording, there are many brands and models of HD video recorders with similar functions on the market. In order to allow customers in need to accurately select the products that are truly suitable for their own use, this article specifically describes the classification of high-definition hard disk recorders currently on the market as follows:

Comprehensive analysis, on the current market, high-definition video recorders can be roughly divided into the game with high-definition video recorders, home set-top boxes, high-definition video recorders, remote video conferencing, high-definition video recorders, local meetings, high-definition video recorders, medical surgery HD video recorder five categories.

First, the game with high-definition video recorder <br> <br> such recorders, or color with HDMI, AV input interface, supports input 1080P60hz or 720P60hz after recording is 1080P24hz or 720P60hz.

Due to the relatively low functionality and performance of this type of VCR, it can only be used as a simple range of recording computer games. The disadvantages are as follows:

1, is not compatible with HDCP protocol, can not record all types of encrypted video.

2. The recording video format is MP4 format. In case of sudden power failure, the recorded file will be automatically lost.

3, does not support scheduled recording, only supports one-button recording and one-button stop.

4, hard disk format or NTFS or FAT32 format. If it is adjusted to NTFS format, the video cannot be segmented automatically and will be recorded continuously. The file will be infinitely large. Inconvenient to play and edit, someone must press the stop button. If it is adjusted to FAT32 format, it is automatically segmented every 15 minutes of recording, the file size is relatively small, and the recorded files are numerous.

5, can not watch while watching, you must stop recording before you can look back.

6, can not be built-in hard disk video, support the insertion of SD card or TF card use, although the support of large-capacity hard disk, but the stability is not ideal.

Such video recorders are modified and adapted on the basis of analog capture cards. They do not even meet the technical level of a new generation of mobile phones. They have few functions and poor performance, and it is difficult to meet the actual requirements of conventional home video recording. Such representative products on the market are those models that are being sold on Taobao by people in Taiwan and other places. These products have been exaggerated on publicity and must be purchased carefully.

Second, high-definition home video recorder set-top boxes
<br> <br> with digital high-definition TV set-top box universal, stable performance, easy operation, more practical high-definition video recorder increasingly attracted attention. Since Chunyuan Technology developed the CYKL chip system to launch the first HDT-1A model in 2011, several HDT series products have been launched successively, of which HDT6B, HDT-6BS, HDT-3, HDT-2D and other models are for home use. Record representative products for high definition digital television set-top boxes. These products not only support the recording of new and old digital TV set-top boxes, but also support the recording of home regular Blu-ray players, network players, old-fashioned tape recorders, DV cameras, and desktop computers with HDMI and VGA outputs.

HDT series home set-top box high-definition video recorder is based on the CYKL third-generation chip program to support HDMI, AV input video, an increase of CY+LQ upgrade system, completely abolished the game with hard disk recorder defects, compatible with HDCP protocol , You can watch and record while watching, able to schedule a video reservation, support a key HD screenshots, time shift function, using TS format recording, will never lose the video file, not only supports external maximum 2T hard disk video, Supports built-in hard disk, more in line with home HD video requirements. The price of home video recorders is relatively cheap, generally between 1000-2000 yuan, with a relatively high cost performance. The HDT-6B is the most affordable product for home video recording, while the HDT-6BS is based on the HDT-6B to achieve the built-in external HDD recording function; HDT-3 has increased the VGA input recording function. HDT-2D adds CYCP embedded time module, component input interface, C+CY03 audio mixing processing system, etc. It is a typical three-generation machine architecture. Specific details of the performance of each model please network search "Spring source Liying" landing inquiries.

Third, remote video conferencing with high-definition video recorder + <br> <br> With the advent of the Internet age, aging more expensive less attention remote video conferencing more and more small and medium enterprises and major government agencies and organizations of the unit. At present, video conferencing terminal systems launched at home and abroad do not support high-definition video recording while in a meeting. To this end, Chunyuan Technology has launched HDT series remote video conferencing HD DVRs on the basis of home HD video recorders. Representative models are HDT-2B, HDT-2S, HDT-9, HDT-5 and other products.

The HDT series remote video conference recorder is characterized by not only having all the functions of the home HD recorder, but also adopting the four-generation CYKL chip system for the video conference requirements, and adding an automatic boot record, CNCY enhanced multi-group audio mixing module, and C+. CY04 audio and video processing system. Support HDMI audio and video input at the same time, embedded in the left and right channels, 3.5MM analog audio, microphone audio, DVIVGA audio input at the same time, perfect audio and video real-time synchronous recording without delay. Especially for different types of video conferencing terminals, there are multiple video recorder models with multiple terminals such as HDMI, VGA, DVI, SDI, component, and AV. In order to meet the different needs of the unit purchase, HDT series video conferencing recorders have three levels of high school, low school, the price is between 3000-8000 yuan, with a flexible and wide choice of space. HDT series teleconferencing video recorders have fully entered the CY 4th generation and become the leading domestic and foreign product!

Fourth, the local conference to monitor high-definition video recorder with <br> <br> be listed 1080P60hz HD cameras, as some court hearing, banking supervision, conference room video powerhouse of military units and organizations, teaching and training, it is important group gatherings, theatrical For performances and other occasions, high-definition video and data storage for local videos has become a trend. The traditional local analog video recorder is far from meeting the requirements of this HD video recording. To this end, Chun Yuen Technology has launched the WHD series of support for 1080P60hz high-definition camera connections, can support up to 16 HDMI, DVI, VGA, SDI and other special port input multi-terminal local conference HD video recorder.

WHD series of high-definition recorders, to support 1080P60HDMI multi-terminal simultaneous input, or at the same time or optional N-channel recording, simultaneous or optional N-channel playback, support for Internet or local area network computer mobile phone remote playback control and other characteristics of many advantages, perfect for local meeting monitoring The 1080P25hz real-time audio and video synchronization video, ideal to meet the needs of high-definition video recording and data storage.

At present, there are 24 models of WHD video recorders that can be selected, and the client can flexibly select the model by inputting the number of video recording channels as required. The price is between 3,000 and 30,000 yuan.

Fifth, medical endoscopic surgery laparoscopic high-definition video recorder <br> <br> With the rapid development of medical technology, people are keeping requirements for operation of video data is increasing. The price of traditional imported medical video recorders is more than 100,000 yuan and it is difficult to meet the customer's targeted requirements. To this end, Chunyuan Technology, which has nearly 10 years of experience in the development of high-definition video recorders, has collaborated with well-known R&D institutions at home and abroad to launch HDT series medical high-definition video recorder models. Representative products are HDT-5C, HDT-5, HDT-5S three products.

Since the output interfaces of the endoscopic laparoscopic scanner produced at home and abroad are numerous, the input interfaces of the medical high-definition video recorder are correspondingly rich, and basically include common input interfaces such as HDMI, DVI, VGA, color difference, and S-video. The number of input resolution frames supported is also as high as 1080P60hz. The operation mode covers the panel keys, universal remote controller and foot controller. Fully synchronized instant no delay output, not only HD recording, but also a one-click high-definition map. At the same time, medical records are also embedded in the system settings. The shell shape has a small and exquisite microcomputer type and a large and large-scaled large-scale instrument type, which satisfies the purchase and use requirements of different units.

HDT medical HD video recorder architecture, are all CY four-generation machine architecture, and laid the technical foundation for the birth of five generations of machines. Domestic HDT medical video recorders are priced between 7,000 and 40,000 yuan, which greatly reduces the purchase cost of customers. Compared with imported machines, they have a higher price/performance ratio.

Looking at the brands and models of high-definition hard disk recorders that are currently available on special ports such as HDMI, the overall trend is still in the Chaoyang industry. Among them, the HDT and WHD series products introduced by Chunyuan Technology have developed over the past 10 years and have formed their own unique and mature CNCY systems, occupying most of the market share of the market, and have been in the lead for nearly 10 years. Although some units or Taobao shops have introduced some models from Europe, America and Taiwan, there is still a maturing process in terms of chip system, operation mode, product function, and performance.

More high-definition video recorder information, please search the Internet "Spring source Liying" landing inquiry.

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