According to Jianghuai Shuai Ling light truck , the "Maisfu Cup" JAC Shuai Ling line under the fuel-efficient race will start in a month. At that time, fuel-saving experts from all over the country will compete in the same field to witness the fuel saving technology of Maisford. Prior to this, Shuai Ling Mausfoil fuel-efficient competition has conducted a round of network rehearsal, "Jeffrey Maastricht" under the title of the "Masfo Cup" by Jianghuai Navisda Maasfu power-saving challenge on the truck in the truck The successful holding of the home has attracted the participation of many car owners. In the end, Mr. Qiao Zijian from Fuyang obtained the fuel-saving king with a score of 8.0L, and received a million yuan oil card prize.
Mr. Qiao Zijian gets the fuel-saving king with 8.0L
Mr. Qiao Zijian gets the fuel-saving king with 8.0L

It is understood that the fuel-saving challenge is the user of Shuai Ling Maisfu 3.2L model. The competition results are the fuel consumption performance of the user in actual use. JAC Navistar is just sending professionals to read the technology of the on-board computer. Data, verify that the results are true and valid. The fuel consumption is determined by the user, which also confirms the self-confidence of the Jianghuai Shuai Ling light truck for the fuel saving level of the Maasfu engine.

After more than one year of market sales, the fuel-saving advantages of Maisfu Power have been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Qiao Zijian, who won the oil-saving championship, told reporters, “When I first bought a car, I was driven by Mysford Power. I’m sure that I’m living up to the expectations. The result of this 8.0L competition is my usual driving level. It is indeed very fuel-efficient, and it is less than 6 cents per kilometer. If we pay more attention to skills, we believe that fuel consumption can also decline."

The fuel consumption of 8L per 100 kilometers—the Maasfu 3.2L engine carried by the JAC Shuai Ling light truck—is behind Navistar's leading power technology.

The machine integrates Navistar's unique ultra-low coefficient of friction valve system, leading DAVNT dual-axis variable turbocharger, cross-inlet and exhaust, and staged combustion and many other advanced technologies of the world's diesel engines, in conjunction with the 1800ba high pressure common rail. The direct injection system has greatly improved the combustion efficiency of diesel fuel. The minimum fuel consumption at full load is only 200g/kW.h, while the maximum power is 118kW/3000rpm, and the maximum torque is 450N.m/1500-2200rpm. The performance indicators are The same level of products are at the leading international level. In addition, the engine can provide 310 Nm of high torque at 1000 rpm, the performance of the same level in the domestic market is second to none.

Not only that, the new lightweight design of the cylinder block, cylinder head, making the whole Maasfu 3.2L engine weighs only 315kg, but also to some extent reduce the vehicle's fuel consumption.

Produced by JAC Navistar , the original Maasfu series engine adopting Navistar technology in the United States has quickly won the wide range of users due to its leading advantages in terms of power, fuel consumption, noise and other performance. praise. In particular, its outstanding fuel economy performance is even more valuable in today's high logistics costs.

It is reported that the "Masfort Cup" Shuai Ling line under the fuel-efficient race will start in a month. At that time, what kind of fuel-saving performance will Maerso Power have? Let us wait and see.

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