[China Agricultural Machinery Industry News] Argentine Agriculture Ministry official Jesus Silveyra said that due to floods, Argentina's soybean production has lost about 3.7 to 4 million tons, and the quality of 1 million tons of soybeans has been affected.
According to Silveyra, Argentina's soybean production in 2015/16 may fall to 57.6 million tons, down from 61.4 million tons in the previous year, as the northern soybean production area recorded a record high.
Argentina's soybean production is affected by floods, loss of 4 million tons

He said that damaged soybeans must be blended with soybeans before they can be used.
Silveyra said that Argentina's soybean production may reach 60 million tons next year, but it depends on the price. He expects Argentina's soybean exports to fall to 11 million tons this year, down from 11.5 million tons last year.
This year's hot and dry weather has reduced Brazil's second-quarter corn production by 3 to 4 million tons, so Argentina's corn exports will have a very good chance of competition.
Silveyra expects Argentina's corn exports to increase to 24 million tons this year from 19.1 million tons.
He also said that the area planted with wheat will increase by 23% to 5 million hectares. Silveyra said that Argentina will have at least 9 million tons of wheat exports next year. He added that 5 million tons of it will be exported to Brazil. He expects Argentina's wheat exports to be 8 million tons this year. Argentina's wheat production this year is expected to increase from 11.3 million tons in the previous year to 15.37 million tons.

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