Years havetily hurried, and the 4.2- meter refrigerated truck has also been on the Chinese market for several decades. In particular, shipments in recent seven to eight years have been increasing. We know that 4.2- meter refrigerated trucks are mostly used to transport fresh-keeping and refrigerated goods. The vehicles are equipped with professional refrigerators and high-performance cutting compartments. They are usually used for all kinds of meat products, dairy products, fish and shrimps, and various types of seafood. Fruits and vegetables, medicines, vaccines, etc. must be transported at low temperatures and transportation of special items. Statistics from related departments show that in recent years, China's cold-chain logistics industry has expanded its scale, including fruits, vegetables, meat, aquatic products and other categories. It has continuously expanded the market of China's refrigerated transport industry, and is still showing increasing holdings every year. The status of the cold chain equipment companies greatly benefits at this time.

Some experts said that he could analyze the average number of 520 people in developed countries who have a refrigerated truck. China has an average of 31,000 talented people. This is almost a 60-fold difference. It can be seen that people in this country are not far-sighted. The refrigerated transport of meat, vegetables and fruits in developed countries has reached a terrible percentage, and China’s share in this area is about one-third that of others, and due to certain factors, the deteriorating rate of goods during transport is also the highest. This is a huge loss of value. It is a terrible thing. If we take advantage of this weakness and improve it, I believe that the loss will be greatly reduced.


Nowadays, the state has gradually increased its attention to refrigerated transport logistics. The relevant departments have also continuously introduced some policies to support this industry, and also to accelerate the sales and export of agricultural and sideline products in remote areas. In the key production and sales areas, a number of modern agricultural and sideline products wholesale markets will be rebuilt or transformed, and the supervision of details on the hygiene, quality and safety of refrigerated goods will be strengthened. Large fresh meat markets will use a large number of 4.2- meter refrigerated trucks for transportation. Having said so much, that is to say, China's refrigerated transport industry still has great development prospects. It is believed that more companies will join this field, and the market value of 4.2- meter refrigerated trucks will become even more obvious.

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